'Thank you' colourful print

'Thank you' colourful print

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Our 'Thank you' print is a great way to capture all the things that we love about someone in one place. Choose between 10 and 13 lines and we will layout your design and send you a proof for approval. 


Include a mix of line lengths. Each should be a min of 6 letters and a make of 20. Aim for between 10 and 13 lines and we will adapt to fit as best as possible. 

Suggestions on what to include: partners name, children(s) names, pets, favourite tipple, ice-lolly, sweets, chocolate, song, holiday destination, hobbies and anything else that makes them happy 'sand beneath her toes'  You can also be generic i.e. friends and family.

We may have to add a small word here or there to make the layout work better but we will send you a proof to check before we press print.